When Should I Start Using Pregnancy Pillow?


 Pregnancy is a beautiful period of your life. It is also challenging. Heartburn, joint pains, mood swings due to hormonal changes in the body, a disturbed sleep pattern are only some of the difficulties that pregnant women experience. Twenty weeks in the pregnancy, with the growing baby bump and increasing bodily pains, is the right time to start using a pregnancy pillow.

It doesn’t get any easier than using a pregnancy body pillow to find a comfortable and healthy sleeping position.

Pregnancy Support Pillow

c shaped pregnancy pillow

c shaped pregnancy pillow: Best Seller Amazon

The best news that a mother-to-be can get is a pillow designed suit pregnancy needs. Pregnant women often have the difficulty of finding the right sleeping posture. As a result, they will have to experience back pains contributing to heightened discomforts during pregnancy. Maternity pillows are a necessity as it provides the essential ingredient for the healthy development of the baby, which is sleep.

A pregnancy pillow is a large-sized pillow, which comes in bean shape, wedge shape, and U-shape. This is the secret for a happy and healthy pregnancy. How exactly does this pillow make pregnancy happy and healthy?

Provides Support to the Entire Body

 What’s great about these pillows is that they provide support to the legs, neck, stomach, back, and shoulders. Lying down in the fetal position aka, the best sleeping position for pregnant women is easier with a pregnancy pillow. This position is highly effective for women suffering from back and neck pains. A maternity body pillow enhances the hip and spine alignment whilst easing pressure on the back, spine, and hips.

Helps to Sleep Better

QUEEN ROSE Full Body Pregnancy Pillow,U-shaped Maternity Pillow

QUEEN ROSE Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, U-shaped Maternity Pillow

A healthy pregnancy demands healthy hours of sleep. As a maternity body pillow eliminates the feelings of discomforts, falling asleep will not be a problem. These pillows adjust the position of the baby in the womb for the better, thus, labor will be less painful. The ergonomic design of the pillows is what promotes a good night’s sleep by withdrawing discomforts.  

Helps Keep the Calm

Not being able to fall asleep plus the immense pain and discomforts will affect the mood of the mother-to-be. Falling asleep in any position will exert accidental pressure on the womb, therefore, pregnant women experience anxiety. A maternity body pillow helps reduce the movement and disturbances during sleep.

For a healthy heart rate

The above-mentioned feelings of anxiety will elevate the heart rate of the mother-to-be. Nonetheless, using this pillow when sleeping will bring about a healthy heart rate. Additionally, the sleeping position encouraged by using this pillow enhances the blood flow.

Do You Need a Maternity body pillow?

Pregnancy demands many lifestyle changes. When making your life much suited for pregnancy, a solution for disturbed sleeping patterns and bodily pains is a must. Hence, a pregnancy pillow is a necessity to get through pregnancy safe and comfortable. Most women get nervous about the discomforts common during pregnancy. However, with a maternity body pillow, you can face the challenges of pregnancy with your chin up.

Do Pregnancy Pillows Really Help?

Are these pillows really effective? Is this the ultimate addition to a happy pregnancy? These are a few of the questions that mothers-to-be will have before getting a maternity body pillow. As these pillows are designed exclusively to support the baby bump unlike regular pillows, they do not slide out. Sleeping in the right position with the help of these pillows is what brings high effectivity. To clear any doubts, read reviews from mothers who have used these pillows. When getting a pillow for yourself, always look into which is best for your sleeping position.

Which Pregnancy Pillow is Best?

As there are different shapes and sizes of pregnancy body pillows, this brings us to the question, “which is the best?”. Let’s look at some types and what makes them best.

pregnancy pillow shapes info graphic

Common pregnancy pillow shapes

U-Shaped Pillow Maternity body pillow

Designed to cover your entire body, a U-shaped pillow will adjust to all your favorite sleeping positions.

Inflatable Pillow

Recommended for those who prefer to sleep on their stomach,  inflatable Maternity body pillow is the largest option out there.

Wedge Pillow

 if there is a targeted area of your body needing support (i.e. baby bump or back0), the less expensive choice of a wedge pillow is ideal. A wedge pillow is also smaller.

Do Pregnancy Pillows Help with Sciatica?

Sciatica is a conditioned caused due to an irritated sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve starts in the lower spine and stretches to the thighs. Those suffering from sciatica will experience immense pain in hips, buttocks, and thighs. Pregnancy could also cause this condition.

The best way to relieve sciatic pain is a pregnancy body pillow. Invest in a pregnancy body pillow suited for your height and is made of a comfortable material to avoid sciatic pains and pregnancy-related discomforts.

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