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Home Improvement DIY, Main Things to Consider (Personal Experience)

My husband and I spent hours discussing how to flip our house up when we first moved in. Getting the house suited up for our demands was all that was in favor when we first started. Yet, it turned out to be a blessing. Now, we have our house the way we want it for our kids and pets.  If you have your chance to take control of the features of your house through home improvement, you should consider it a blessing, too.

Everyone wants their house to feel a certain way: relaxed, energetic, fun and definitely like home. It doesn’t come easy. A million questions on what you want, what to change and how much it will cost will flood in. If your house doesn’t feel like home, buckle up because you are up for a life-changing challenge.

Home improvement Ideas for a living room

A simple and elegant looking living area


A simple trick can do miracles on home improvement projects and that is the lighting.

How bright should the lights be?

The brightness of the lights used is the key to produce an aesthetically pleasing interior. Note that Watts doesn’t represent the brightness of a light, but lumens do. Check for the lumens before buying bulbs. The purpose of the room and the space of the rooms decides on the brightness it requires. As I wanted perfect lighting to my house, I used the LUX level, aka, lumens/area to decide the number of bulbs needed.

As advised by experts, for the theatre and the living area of our house, we used a LUX level of 100 – 150. My office area was lit using a LUX level of 250.home remodeling

Using Natural Light and air Efficiently

A Dining Area Designed To Get The Maximum From Natural Light And Air

Where to place doors windows?

If you have the luxury of deciding the placement of doors and windows during home improvement, consider yourself lucky. The key to getting the maximum flow of natural light it is with the correct placement of doors and windows. 

The biggest windows enhance the biggest area of the house; the living room. The bright, ambient natural light filling in will create wonders in the living room. For a cozy bedroom experience, let in as much as light and fresh air possible from the placement of the window. For the bathroom, prioritize privacy. The source of natural light to the bathroom can be a skylight or a glass block.

Make use of natural light

The design of our home lets in optimum levels of sunlight into the house. Financially, we are saving a lot because natural light keeps the house warm and lit during the day. Natural light gets us in a great mood and ambiance of the house set by natural light is extraordinary.


We looked for home improvement projects, a majority of it was about making the best use of space. That’s how important filling up the space of your home is.

Pick the essential furniture

The most frustrating choice to make, you ask? It’s definitely the furniture. It wasn’t an easy choice and it took a lot of will power. I sat down with my coffee and thought about my expectations from the home

improvement project and you should, too. Do you want a modern look or a traditional look from your home? How will you be spending time in the living room? What size furniture suits the house best?

Don’t go with the flow, choose a different furniture idea

Many tend to go with the flow when choosing furniture. From the experience that I have had, you are not helping yourself with it. Try to create a unique look with the furniture you choose. Mix and match furniture for a diverse look. The furniture should harmonize the character you want to build in your home.

Custom furniture fore home improvement project

A Livingroom Sofa Made With Wood Pallets


If you are inclined to enjoy a traditional look from your home, go ahead and get traditional furniture. Setting up the furniture to match your personality and style makes the furniture in your home timeless. Choosing the trending furniture will not match with your personality, thus, you will not feel at home


Work with dimensions

We didn’t want our house to feel packed and for us to feel trapped inside the house. As a result, during the renovation, we were extra careful on the placement and spacing of furniture. Choose furniture that is the right size for your home. Measuring the dimensions of your bedroom, living room, etc. makes furniture shopping easier.

Always consider leg space when placing the living room sofa and the coffee table, the recommended space is 18′. Guarantee that the furniture isn’t blocking the hallway. You should be able to use the furniture without them knocking on each other. Leave a space between 4′ and 10′ between the seating options available in the living room.


Color Matching In Home Improvement

A Well Blended Color Group Selection

Colors in your home speak to you. Understanding the character of the colors and the mood that different colors set is crucial. If it is sophistication and warmth expected from the interior, choose a dark color. Light colors brighten a room and bring an airy feeling.

Colors can be active, passive and neutral. Examples of neutral colors are black, grey, white and brown. If you have both bright colors (active) and muted colors (passive) in an area, adding neutral colors brings in balance to the décor. For example, if the walls are an active color whilst the curtains are a passive color, using neutral-colored furniture ought to bring in the perfect look.

Remember that the color used on the walls set the core theme of the house.  Furniture and other added accessories must match with the color of the walls and curtains. Using the above-mentioned color theory helped my experience in home improvement to create a home interior with character. With this understanding of colors, complications will not get in the way of a perfectly color-matched home.

Members of the family

Before working on the home remodeling ideas, I looked into how happy and relaxed my family members will be. At the end of the day, the success of the home remodel relies on the happiness of the family.

The health and the physical needs of my family was my priority. Space is fundamental for a happy family. The bigger the family, the more space you will need in the house. An issue many homeowners have is not having enough space to be comfortable in the house. The solution is simple, you can make home extensions so that all family members have the space they need.

I also took the daily routine to consideration when planning our home. Since everyone uses the bathroom in the morning, a separate bathroom was set in the master bedroom along with two more bathrooms in the house. I also didn’t forget to set space for my husband’s gym. Look into your family’s daily routine, their passions and also their personality when setting up their and your dream house.


Pet Image

Image Source: https://pexels.com


With all that was going on, I didn’t forget our pets. The first addition was a dog door to let our puppy move in and out of the house as pleased. Letting your pets move around will make them happy and feel free. The dog bed we took for our puppy also matched with the interior and the furniture. 

Most homeowners worry about their pets damaging their expensive furniture and leaving their hair all over. Using furniture covers is what we did to protect our furniture and let our pets be free inside the house. Furniture covers avoid any damage and make the fallen hair significantly easier to clean.

Power Conservation 

Our goal was to save money in the long term. Aiming to reduce our power bills, we took a sustainable approach. Installing solar panels was an important decision made. The initial cost was high; but, we made that amount in a couple of months from what we saved on the energy bills.

Fun fact: House appliances are responsible for more than 30% of the energy bill. 

We needed to cut out on it. Using energy-efficient appliances was the trick. Before purchasing an appliance from lights to washing machines, look into if they are energy efficient. Save a fortune whilst saving the planet by living a sustainable lifestyle with energy-efficient appliances.


Plumbing Maintainance

Plumbing Maintainance, Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

The functionality of the bathroom and the kitchen is dependent on plumbing. We certainly didn’t want to go through frustrations because there water leaks or overflows in the bathrooms or kitchen. To avoid all things that could go wrong, we hired professional plumbers. They fixed all the damaged pipes and replaced the pipes that needed to be. We know we don’t have to deal with plumbing issues for a long time!



When making all the discussed improvements to our house, one thing was ringing in our minds: the cost. The first and the foremost box to tick before starting the renovations is the budget. The financial plan will guide your way to make choices for your home.

Even if you are planning to live the same hours for a lifetime, thinking about making additions to boost up the market value of the house. Having a better market value will keep your finances secure if it comes to selling your home. Always aim to gain back your money’s worth from house resale.


We have now come to the most tedious part, planning the timeline of the renovation. Plan everything out, from the simple changes needed to your house to the major ones. If you are in need of any permits, get them so that you don’t have to stop the renovations halfway. Contact the contractors to get a rough idea on the time taken for the completion of each upgrade.

The timeline set for the house renovation should get along with your busy schedule. As I and my husband are both busy, we took turns in freeing up our schedule to look over to the at the project.

Choose the best people to work with

We could have never made our dream house possible if not for the great advice offered to us by experts. Always talk to the experts in the field about the changes and the upgrades planned for the house. Tell them what you want from your house and what you are planning to do to get it. The experts will guide you through in every step from converting a house to your home.

Hiring the best workers is crucial. We inspected the portfolio, looked into the references and checked the reviews of the services before hiring. Get the best to your house by talking to professionals to create a mutual understanding. 

Working together with your vision and the expertise of professionals are the ingredients to a perfect house.

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