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Socket Shelf, the life saver gadget everyone need


Why do you need a socket shelf?

You have no place to put your phone until finish charging is frustrating.

And having no place to put the phone is dangerous and harmful for your devices.

We all have experienced the instance where we can’t place our phone, tablet, or battery pack.

If there is no table or shelf is nearby.

So the socket shelf is a life-changing innovation you can have in every room.

What is a socket shelf?

ON2NO socket shelf

ON2NO socket shelf, image: Check On Amazon

A socket shelf is a combination of an electric socket and a cupboard, which enables us to hold a device that connected to a power socket.

This fantastic gadget comes in different sizes and different types.

You can choose a socket shelf according to your needs.

You can choose this by the number of outlets you need or the number of devices you need to hold.

Benefits of a socket shelf.

Use as an extra power outlet

As these socket shelves come in extra power sockets.

By connecting to a power outlet, you can increase the number of devices that connect to the outlet.

Save the space of the room

To charge a phone or another device, you always have to put a table or a stool near the outlet.

Placing a table is not always possible in every place.

So this can cause many problems in saving space in small rooms.

But, by adding a socket shelf, you can save that space.

WALI Wall Shelf

WALI Wall Shelf, image: Check on Amazon

Kids safety.

Sometimes when charging the phone, you have to put them on the floor if you have no place to put it.

But this is more dangerous as your kids can easily reach the device.

So you can solve this by adding socket shelves to your charging points.

Use as a Charging space for many devices.

Not only for smartphones, power banks, Ipads.

You can easily put things like your amazon echo dot on this shelf to charge.

So you can make a permanent establishment for your smart speakers.

Then, your recharging problems of the smart speakers will fade away.

Or you can use these shelves as the permanent holder for your routers, hubs and essential oil diffusers.

Keep your rooms organized.

When you have a lot of devices that need regular power supplies.

It’s not easy to keep the in a place with the wires and cables they have.

So, you can use the shelf to keep your devices and gadgets well organized.

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