How to Choose a perfect Rug to fit your desire?


Don’t we all want the best for our homes? A highly notable feature of a home interior décor is the Area rugs.

Area Rugs serve a greater purpose than covering up the floors as rugs will create a

  • a unique aesthetical appeal,
  • protect the floor from getting damaged,
  • lowers the sound produced when walking on wooden flooring
  • rugs are the ultimate addition to make your home feel warm, cozy and comfortable.  

The perfect rug would bring in all the mentioned benefits and more.

What is the perfect rug and how you can identify the flawless out of all floor rugs available?

Living room and kitchen are rug differences

To uplift the home décor and the quality of life that you experience in your home.

By adding rugs to the living area, the kitchen area and your bedroom is something that you should not miss out on.

This poses us to the big question, “should we buy the same rugs for the living area of the home and the kitchen?” When adding a rug to your living room.

You are adding the focal point, thus, you should make a good and careful choice.

The first step to take is to look into the available rug size for the living room.

The placement of the rug decides on the layout of the living room.

Experts say that the furniture should be placed in the area around the rug to bring about a cohesive look to your home.

When it comes to rugs for the kitchen or dining room, yes, you should start by checking the dining room rug size and then the material of the rug, which should be durable.

For a busy kitchen, getting a flatweave rug is highly recommended as they are a whole package of durability, aesthetics and the fibers are easy-care.

Some of the other features of the perfect kitchen rug are that it should be water-resistant and can be machine washed to make your life so much easier.


Difference Between Persian & Oriental Rugs

A serious question that most rug lovers worldwide are confused about is the difference between Persian and Oriental rugs.

To get things straight, any Persian rug is exclusive to Iran and can be considered an oriental rug but not all oriental rugs are Persian rugs as they are also made in countries such as Pakistan and Turkey.

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Traditional Persian rugs are made on a loom by hand, thus, would have a significant knot count.

The knot count of a high-quality Persian rug is more than 120 knots per These extraordinary Persian rugs are made from a silk-wool blend, wool or silk.

The quality of the rug also depends on the breed of the sheep wool is obtained from, the time of shearing and the climate. Thus, always question about these aspects when buying your much needed oriental rugs to work on bedroom rug ideas.

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What country makes the best area rugs?

The longest-standing country for rug making is Iran and is widely considered on to the top of the business due to their high-quality products and the excellent knot style.

Nonetheless, the “best” rug for you would depend on what your requirements are. Other countries such as India with 9/9 knot count using heavy and highly durable coarser wool;

Pakistan with Bokhara and Peshawar rugs, Turkey which produces rugs which are slightly expensive due to high labor cost and Nepal producing the great handknitted bamboo silk rugs for a reasonable price are the countries renowned for the superior quality rugs they produce. Rugs from each country as a unique touch to it.

Should Area rugs match wall color?

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As much as you are concerned about the quality and the material of the rug, before buying a flawless rug, you would invest a lot of time and energy on deciding what the perfect color is and if the color matches with the wall color.

If you are aiming for a natural look, don’t focus majorly on the matching the color as it would promote an artificial look.

If you don’t want to take a risk,  you can simply get a tribal rug as they match with any color. Also, when you have a rug that goes with any color, there won’t be second thoughts when changing the color of the walls or curtains.

Light colors bring in an expansive look while dark colors do the exact opposite.

If the goal is to decorate your home with authentic hues of nature and bring in warmth, it is best to invest in a sheepskin rug. To solve the complication of the matching color rug color with the wall color, simply choose similar hues.

How to choose a suitable Area rug size?

Having a rug too small or a rug too big for the targeted area of your home would be a problem.

Hence, the measurements of the place the rug will be placed are important.

The ideal size of the rug should be such that it covers the seating area.

Experts have recommended an 18-inch space between the rug and the walls to create a walkway and to create a border on the floor.

If you are arranging a room that is smaller, you can lower the space down to 8 inches. To make things a lot easier, simply look into a rug size chart.

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