How Long Do Above Ground Pools Last?


Swimming is always a good way to cool off and spend time unwinding with family and friends. Having a swimming pool on their own is almost everyone’s dream. However, installing a pool doesn’t come easy due to complications in financial aspects, pool installation, and many more difficulties. For all these issues, one best solution is to build above ground pools.

Above Ground Pool

Above ground, pools are rare as people are unaware of its great benefits. However, it’s becoming of the most popular alternative to expensive in-ground swimming pools due to many reasons.

What Comes with the Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Above ground pools usually only includes a wall, tracks, connector plates, uprights, top-tails, caps, and hardware (screws). Tracks avoid the wall weight applying on the ground whilst connector plates connect the tracks. It is simple to build and is safe because the thickness of all these items ensures the quality of the pool.

The Better Choice

Regardless of the size or shape of the above-ground swimming pool, you are planning to buy, they usually come in steel or aluminum. Which is the better choice? It is better to use an aluminum structure because it oxidizes much slower than steel does. If u are able to place a thick aluminum wall around your pool, a long lifetime is certain.

How do I choose an above ground pool?

Availability of Space

– Before building above ground pools, focus on the land space available.  Measure the ideal size of the swimming pool whilst leaving enough space around the targeted swimming pool area. This space is essential to install swimming pool equipment for maintenance.

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If you have any barer space, installing Above Ground Pool Decks will be one of the best investments you make. The reason is that these decks give a refreshing look to your pool and the back yard. It also enables the platform to have added activities around the pool without ruining the grass in your backyard.


Choosing the above ground pools type is a serious decision. It could be aluminum, steel or resin pools. Usually, aluminum pools are the most expensive but it will last longer than other types. Along with the texture, you need to choose a wall height. This determines how deeper the pool water can be.

Galvanized steel frame with inner and outer powder coating

Galvanized steel frame with inner and outer powder coating: Image source:


– Some sample heights for swimming pool walls are 42 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches, and 54 inches. Nonetheless, you have the liberty to decide the height of the pool wall. If children will be using the pool, use a lower height.

Size and Shape

– Next, choose the size and the shape for your pool. Pool shapes usually come in oval, round or rectangular shapes. Yet, the most common type is Oval Above Ground Pools. Size of the swimming pool depends on the measurements taken of the space available.

The Equipment

– The final requirement to install a pool is to select the necessary equipment. You need to choose a type of filter and vacuum systems. Adding a winter cover or a solar cover is optionable depending on preference. There are many options you can make based on your budget. For example, when you are installing Above Ground Pool Ladders, there are many varieties. Select the ideal addition to your swimming pool according to your preference and budget.

How much does it cost to maintain an above ground pool?

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The Overall Cost

Installing an aboveground swimming pool is the best economically friendly substitute to live your dream of a swimming pool. What is the reason behind such low cost? Low Installation and maintenance cost contributes to the overall cost to be significantly lower than in-ground swimming pools. Cost of installing these types of pools can range from $50 to $2000 depending on the size, features, texture and the equipment you use.

Budget-Friendly Maintenance

The cost of maintenance will reduce if you do repairs which are necessary on day one. On the bright side, these pools do not require every day repairs. If you have chosen the correct equipment for installation, maintenance will not be in your list of worries for a long time. Also while maintaining, keep in mind to use quality chemicals and products without going into cheap ones.

Are above ground pools are safe?

Pools built above the ground are safer than in-ground pools. Especially, if you have kids and pets around the house, it reduces the danger of falling into the pool or drowning. Additionally, to improve the safety of these pools, you can always install fences, safety ladders, gates, and pool alarms. All in all, installing a pool which is above your ground level will be a wise choice to your wallet and your safety.

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