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The core ingredient for a healthy mind and body is a good night’s sleep. Are you experiencing the trouble of not falling asleep after an exhausting day? The problem might be in your bed because if your bed is comfortable, you don’t even have to try. The cozier the bed, the better you will sleep. However, a majority struggles with making the right additions to their bed for a night of undisturbed sleep. A comforter is a missing component that makes any bed comfortable and cozy.

Utopia Bedding Printed Comforter Set

Utopia Bedding Printed Comforter Set: Buy On Amazon

How to Choose a Comforter Set?

Getting your hands on the perfect comforter set is difficult as it should match with what your idea of a perfect bed is. Consider these key factors when choosing the perfect comforter for a sleep experience like never before.

  • Recognizing Good Quality – Comforter set quality is the utmost factor to consider when making a purchase. The details of the product are what decides on the quality. Do not be mislead by judging the quality by the weight of the comforter set. If you are seeking luxuriousness by a comforter, opt for the lighter and the fluffier choice.
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Review source: Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter (White, Queen)

If you are buying online, deeply go through customer reviews to compare the quality and expectations

  • The Goodness of Natural Products – Comforters that comes with the goodness of nature are down comforters. This is because they are made out of duck and geese features. Known for being remarkably lightweight and comfortable, down comforters maintain a consistent temperature regardless of climate. Due to the absence of synthetic materials, down has a good warmth to weight ratio. Studies show that using lightweight sleeping materials promote better sleep and this is exactly what down comforters do!
  • Your Sleeping Environment – The chosen set for your bed should match with the sleeping environment. Due to warm climates, foam mattresses and other factors, a majority sleeps in warm environments.

The comforter of your choice should not increase the warmth hence, lightweight comforters are a top choice.  On the contrary, for a cold sleeping environment, a thick comforter set will keep you warm.


Best Materials

Apart from the down comforters discussed earlier, there is more material used. Different materials ranging from synthetic to natural can be found in a set. To decide which material is right for you, look into what’s unique about each material.

Bare Home Comforter Set - Twin/Twin Extra Long

Bare Home Comforter Set – Twin/Twin Extra Long: Buy On Amazon

  • Cotton – The most used fiber in the world, cotton is also used in comforters. Cotton contributes to the maximum comfort level due to its smooth and soft texture. Moreover, cotton is great at absorbing moisture, thus, making it the ideal sleeping material. When choosing a cotton comforter, be vigilant to get high-quality cotton comforters as low quality cotton is widely available.
  • Wool – For those who are seeking for warmth, wool comforters should be your choice.  Given the texture of wool, its great for retaining heat from the body hence, for a relaxing and a warm bed, a wool comforter is what’s missing.
  • Silk – If it’s a luxurious sleep experience that you are seeking, nothing is better than silk. As silk is manufactured free from chemicals, it is hypoallergenic. In other words, silk comforters are great for individuals who have allergies. Silk allows body heat to escape and will absorb moisture efficiently.

Comforter Sizes

Finding the right comforter size is as challenging as deciding the material. The size of the comforter has to coincide with the bed. Hence, there will be comforters in the sizes: Cal-king, king, queen, full, crib and twin. The size of a product will be faintly larger than the mattress so as to provide draping on the bedsides. For an easy selection of the ideal size of the comforters for your beds, look into the comforter size guide.

Bed SizeMattress SizeAvailable comforter LengthsAvailable comforter widths
Crib28" x 52"28" to 36"46" to 52"
Twin28" x 52"66" to 68"86" to 88"
Double/Full60" x 80"81" to 84"86" to 88"
Queen60" x 80"86" to 88"96" to 100"
King (Standard/Eastern)76/78" x 80"102"86" to 88"
California King 76/78" x 80"107" to 110" 96" to 98"
  • King Set

Having a king bed will require a king-sized one. Looking into the standard dimensions of the comforters is necessary to assure that the comforters are just the right size for a king bed. The width of a comforter best for a king bed will measure 102 inches in width and 86 to 88 inches length.

  • Comforter Queen Set

To cozy up your queen bed, search for a comforter set of queen size. You are making the right choice in terms of size when purchasing a comforter set measuring 107 to 110 inches in width and 96 to 98 inches in length.

Comforter vs Duvet

When talking about comforters and duvets, both act as a thick and fluffy blanket. The major difference between the two is how they should be used. Whilst comforters can be used as they are, duvets should be used with a coverlet. Duvets are not stitched, unlike comforters which will include natural or synthetic fibers included inside them and stitched. As comforters come in a set with bedding accessories, decorating your bed will be a piece of cake.

How to put on your duvet covers

How to put on your duvet covers



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